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20 years of expertise in strategic negotiating

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Over the past 20 years, in my role as a transactional lawyer, I have managed to develop an extensive expertise in the field of strategic negotiation by facilitating more than 150 M&A transactions, including independently drafting and negotiating over 80 business purchase agreements, right from the initial Letter of Intent through to a final closing of the deal.

In addition to my work surrounding M&A transactions, I have also drafted and successfully negotiated numerous shareholder agreements with managers, as well as other transaction-related contracts (executive agreements, consulting agreements, etc.).

Beyond contract drafting, I am highly experienced in conflict resolution. Notably, I have resolved disputes between various shareholders effectively, meaning, without having to resort to court actions.

Moreover, I have both led and participated in arbitration proceedings (Post-M&A Litigation), further refining my expertise in this area. This experience in conflict resolution enables me to proactively ensure a high quality of contract drafting and negotiation.

I offer my clients - as per their request - the following:

Legal Advice

If necessary, with additional experts in tax law, labor law, inheritance law, family law, etc., due to already established processes
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Negotiation-related consulting

For Decision Makers and / or Negotiators
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The unique Combination

Legal advice and negotiation-related consulting, each in accordance with best practices
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