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Consulting in strategic negotiation for greater success

Personen einer Verhandlungsrunde, die an einem Consulting teilnehmen

In consulting, I offer my expert advice to individuals or organizations in a specific field or industry. I help you to solve your problems, improve your performance and provide you with guidance on various aspects of business or personal matters. In my consulting you will benefit from my knowledge and practical experience of over 20 years. My goal is to help you make informed decisions and achieve your goals more effectively. I use the following models in my strategic negotiation consulting:

Traditional consulting regarding the decision maker (e.g., senior manager) focuses on their 7 tasks (TOP LADY):

Team formation
Outlining options and work out a mindset (Play to Win)
Pinning down positions
Learn: Analyzing conflicts
Adapt: Determining/Adjusting strategy and positions
Discuss: Discuss all your tasks with the project team
Your Instruction: Assign a task to the negotiator or negotiation team

Traditional consulting regarding the negotiator (e.g., project manager) focuses on 3 core strategies:

The task-oriented team strategy. This strategy is based on the universally applicable team strategy developed for crisis negotiations.

The behavior-oriented BMI strategy (BMI stands for Bonding, Mission, and Influence). This strategy is based on the analogous application of the Behavior Change Stairway Model (BCSM) developed for crisis negotiations. It is universally applicable.

The process-oriented ABC strategy (ABC stands for Analyze Open Points, Break 4 Change, and Concessions Package Procedure). This strategy is based on the internationally recognized Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument.

Aus 2 der dort genannten 5 Konfliktlösungsstrategien wird im Wege der Transformation eine Prozess-Strategie abgeleitet.

Based on 2 of the 5 just mentioned conflict resolution strategies, a process strategy is derived through the means of transformation.

A professional negotiator masters not only the 3 strategies but all other corresponding tactics as well.

This enables them to also have the capability of advising their decision maker.

Are you faced with challenging negotiations?