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Negotiations - The Best Practices

As a lawyer and negotiations expert, I offer comprehensive consulting, coaching, or training focused on strategic negotiations, aimed at steering your key discussions towards optimal outcomes. My dual qualification as a lawyer and negotiation expert ensures optimal negotiation management with a full understanding of the legal relevance of the whole process. My additional dual qualification as a practitioner (negotiating over 150 complex transactions in the last 20 years) and author (developing an innovative negotiation concept that also scientifically explains best practices) guarantees the smart use of strategies and tactics. Only those who are able to understand why certain strategies and tactics work, can quickly and professionally adapt them to individual use cases.

Konferenztisch mit Mitarbeitern, die zum Thema strategische Verhandlungsführung gecoacht werden

Lead difficult and complex Negotiations to success with the Driver-Seat-Concept.

The Driver Seat Concept is the the first and only negotiation concept that consists of 3 core strategies. It is grounded in practical application and backed by scientific research.

Are you frequently faced with difficult negotiating situations or are currently in one?
Are you in search of an expert, who will advise you during your negotiations or take charge of the negotiation process for you entirely?
Do you require a high-end consulting service regarding contract drafting, contract negotiation, or conflict resolution?
Are you, as a decision maker or lead negotiator, (just) looking for an intensive coaching?
Are you in need of a proactive negotiation training for yourself and/or your team, that delivers the best practices?

As a lawyer and negotiations expert, I offer fundamental and comprehensive consulting, coaching or training services with the goal of guiding your key negotiations towards success.

Purely a Matter of Negotiation
Konferenztisch mit Mitarbeitern, die zum Thema strategische Verhandlungsführung gecoacht werden

In Business Negotiations, whether legal in nature or involving complex transactions, the ability to strategically lead negotiations plays a pivotal role. Hereby it is not only about closing contracts, but also about representing your interests in conjunction with any legal aspects that might be of importance. As a lawyer and negotiations expert, I offer you unique training, coaching and consulting services, aimed at structuring your challenging and complex negotiations in a precise and fruitful way. I recognize and understand the legal significance of every decision at every step of the way during such negotiations. This enables me to provide you with the most optimal advice. My approach to stategic negotiations is shaped by my scientific expertise, years of practical experience as well as a deep understanding of the various specific requirements of competitive B2B negotiations.

An overview of my services, benefiting your professional negotiations

Bürostühle an einem Schreibtisch im Konferenzzimmer


Consultation of your project team
Consultation of your negotiation team
Mitarbeiter, die in Verhandlungsführung gecoachet werden


Coaching of the Decision Maker (Senior Manager)
Coaching of the Negotiator (Projekt Manager)
Coaching of each member of the negotiation team
Personen an einem Tisch, die zum Thema Verhandlungsführung ein Training erhalten


Training of your project team
Training of your negotiation team

High-End Negotiations

Büroraum mit Mitarbeitern, die eine High-End-Verhandlung führen

In negotiations, there is no room for half-hearted compromises, especially when it comes to economically significant deals. For particularly demanding clients who settle for nothing less than the best practices, I present to you my high-end negotiation service. I offer the utmost in exclusivity, expertise, and personalized support to understand your unique challenges and subsequently craft perfectly tailored solutions. In unison, we will refine your negotiation techniques and unlock your full potential. I can assure you that after the training, your entire negotiation team will emerge strengthened, equipped with the three core strategies and tactics, fully prepared to successfully conclude even the most challenging negotiations.

Portrait von Hermann Rock, Spezialist für professionelle Verhandlungsführung

Dr. Hermann Rock


Play To Win > Create Satisfaction

Creator of the Driver-Seat Concept | More than 20 years of practical negotiation experience in the field | Author of several authoritative works on "Professional Negotiation Leadership"

Five Good Reasons for choosing Rock Negotiation and the Driver-Seat Concept

The self-developed Driver-Seat Concept was created by a practitioner for practitioners
The Driver-Seat Concept outlines the best practices with 3 core strategies
Dual qualification as a lawyer as well as a negotiation expert
Dual qualification as both a practitioner (more than 20 years) and as an author of specialist books
Excellent references as a consultant, coach, and trainer

Professional Negotiating

Buch Cover von "Sucessful negotiation with the Driver-Seat-Concept". Autor: Hermann Rock, Rock Negotiation
Buch Cover von "Erfolgreiche Verhandlungsführung mit dem Driver-Seat-Konzept". Autor: Hermann Rock, Rock Negotiation
Buch Cover von "Das Best Situation Management (BSMM)". Autor: Hermann Rock, Rock Negotiation
Buch Cover von "High Performance Briefing/Debriefing von B2B Verhandlungen". Autor: Hermann Rock, Rock Negotiation
Buch Cover von "Field Guide für Verhandlungsführer". Autor: Hermann Rock, Rock Negotiation

Customer Testimonials

Profilbild von Dr. Christoph Mund. Managing Director, Change & Innovation Management

Dr. Christoph Mund

Managing Director, Change & Innovation Management

"Dr. Hermann Rock is a lecturer in our Change & Innovation Management program, which is conducted annually by the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with Dr. Wladimir Klitschko. As part of the program, Hermann teaches the topic of negotiation. Each year anew, our executives are thrilled by Dr. Hermann Rock's wealth of experience, practical advice, and scientific insights. The combination of best practices and application-oriented case studies creates lasting added value for our participants in the transfer. We can unequivocally recommend Hermann as a speaker and are open to provide any further information on our experience with him and his services."

Profilbild Neutral & Anonym

CA Prof. Dr. H.

Chief Physician

"As a chief physician, I was very happy with my profession but rather unhappy with my former salary. Dr. Hermann Rock led the negotiations with the managing director with immense kindness, perfect methodology, and absolute precision. Initially, the opposing party showed little interest in my propositions, yet, with a strategic shift, Dr. Rock managed to engage their attention, dramatically increase their motivation, and secure my desired new salary. Fascinatingly, he consistently anticipated the opposing side's responses with remarkable accuracy and events transpired exactly as he predicted. My gratitude towards him is boundless, as I now not only find fulfillment in my career but also in my earnings again."

My Insights

How You Can Identify an Expert Negotiator Using These Three Key Questions

How you can identify an expert negotiator with 3 key questions

In this article, I intend to reveal a simple technique involving three key questions that can help you discern whether the person you consider appointing as a negotiator, within your capacity as a decision-maker (e.g. a Senior Manager), is not just a professional, but potentially ranks among the elite in their field.

Negotiation Management: How the Four-Eyes Principle Protects Executives from Unrestricted Liability

Negotiation Management: How the Four-Eyes Principle Protects Executives from Unrestricted Liability

In this article you will learn how the so-called four-eye principle fundamentally protects you as a managing director from unlimited liability. Since the ruling of the Higher Regional Court of Nuremberg on March 30, 2022, the obligations of the managing director of a GmbH with regard to the internal organization of the company have been significantly tightened. The role of the managing director in conducting negotiations is more diverse, as it seems at first glance.

3 Reasons Why the Harvard Concept May Jeopardize Your Negotiation Success

3 Reasons Why the Harvard Concept May Jeopardize Your Negotiation Success

The following article will first briefly explain why the model of...

Are you faced with challenging negotiations?