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Coaching for challenging negotiations

Ein Team steht am Tisch und erhält ein Coaching zum Thema Verhandlungsführung

No matter your role within the negotiation team: The coaching in strategic negotiation provides you with the mental assurance to act professionally at every step of the way.

For many years now, I have been assisting senior managers, who are the decision-makers for negotiation projects, in developing their potential to achieve the best possible outcomes through means of a structured negotiation process.

The goal of coaching in strategic negotiation is to acquire key competencies in relation to the 7 tasks of the Decision Maker: Team – Options – Positions – Learn – Adapt – Your Instruction (abbreviated as TOP LADY).

The process begins with professional mission development, followed by an ongoing mission control.

Additionally I aid project managers designated as negotiators in their journey towards becoming a "Professional Negotiator".

The aim of the coaching is to attain key competencies in all of the three core strategies of negotiation leadership. These consist of the (task-oriented) team strategy, the (behavior-oriented) BMI strategy, and last but not least, the (process-oriented) ABC strategy.

BMI stands for Bonding – Mission – Influence.

ABC stands for Analyze Open Points – Break 4 Change – Concessions Package Procedure.

It goes without saying that coaching (where you assume the role of the negotiator) and consulting (where I provide advice on specific aspects of the negotiation) can also be combined into one comprehensive package. In such cases, I will either operate as a so-called "Shadow Negotiator" (working discreetly behind the scenes) or as a "Secondary Negotiator" within the negotiation team. In these situations, coaching and consulting for the Primary Negotiator also take place during timeouts.

Are you faced with challenging negotiations?