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Lead difficult and complex Negotiations to success with the Driver-Seat-Concept.

The Driver Seat Concept is the the first and only negotiation concept that consists of 3 core strategies. It is grounded in practical application and backed by scientific research.

Are you frequently faced with difficult negotiating scenarios or are currently in one?
Are you in search of an expert, who will advise you during your negotiations or take charge of the negotiation process for you entirely?
Do you require a high-end consulting service in regards to contract drafting, contract negotiation, or conflict resolution?
Are you, as a decision maker or lead negotiator, (just) looking for an intensive coaching?
Are you in need of a proactive negotiation training for yourself and/or your team, that delivers the best practices?

The Driver-Seat concept describes the best practices of negotiating.

Auf der Grundlage meiner Erfahrungen betreffend der Führung komplexer Verhandlungen und der Analyse der relevanten wissenschaftlichen Literatur habe ich das für die Verhandlungsführung innovative „Driver-Seat-Konzept“ entwickelt, mit dem ich schwierige Verhandlungen zum Erfolg führen kann.

Drawing from my experience in navigating complex negotiations and thorough analysis of pertinent scientific literature, I have crafted the innovative and effective "Driver-Seat Concept." This pioneering approach empowers me to steer even the most daunting negotiations towards success.

In a structured and chronologically ordered manner, it explains the collaborative process of the decision-maker (senior manager or decision-maker) together with with the negotiator (project manager / negotiator).

The Driver-Seat Concept is the first and only framework that streamlines professional negotiating into three core strategies:

The (task-oriented) team strategy,
The (behavior-oriented) BMI strategy (BMI, standing for Bonding, Mission, Influence), and
The (process-oriented) ABC strategy (ABC standing for Analyze Open Points, Break 4 Change, and Concessions Package Procedure).
Are you faced with challenging negotiations?