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Participants of the Negotiation Workshop at TUM Institute for LifeLong LearningProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Participants of the Negotiation Workshop at TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

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  • "Thanks a lot fort he great lecture and preparation. Both Mr. Rock and Mr. Thurn are very good at about the topic."
  • "Thanks a lot organizing such a great event. This shows real case of lifelong learning as TUM alumni."
  • "Great job of TUM staff supporting the lecturers and the workshop itself."
  • "The ideal real life coaching providing tools that can be used right away. Thank you!"
  • "This has been a wonderful workshop, I am so exited. With a perfect combination of theory and practice. Thank you so much for offering this and thank you TUM team for organising this event."
  • "Great tarining with lots of practical advice."
  • "Great framework and good real world experiences shared."

Attorney with U.S. law firmProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Attorney with U.S. law firm

Participant of Negotiation Workshop of TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning (Executive & Professional Education, Technical University of Munich)

„I strongly recommend to attend Mr. Rock's negotiation training, which I had the pleasure of attending at the TUM Institute for Lifelong Learning. As attorney with U.S. law firm background, I find myself in negotiations on a daily basis. This training is not only profoundly insightful but also remarkably transformative. Mr. Rock's introduction of the "Driver Seat Concept" was compelling. This innovative approach reshapes traditional negotiation strategies and finally provides a negotiation tool that works. The delivery of this concept coupled with real-world examples by Mr. Rock, offer a robust framework for any negotiator. In a realistic and competitive environment, I found myself in simulated complex business negotiations. These exercises immediately transferred the Driver Seat Concept to my practical skills. It is clear that this workshop has equipped me with invaluable tools and the insights gained have been eye-opening. I firmly believe such training should be a standard component of every educational curricula!“

Participant of Negotiation Workshop of TUM Institute for LifeLong LearningProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Participant of Negotiation Workshop of TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning

Executive & Professional Education, Technical University of Munich

"Mr Rock's negotiation workshop is very well structured and extremely practical. I myself have independently acquired and conducted >2,000 sales appointments with industrial customers and enjoyed the corresponding training. No other trainer has taught me the subject of negotiation and how to conduct it consistently as well as Mr Rock. I recommend every sales manager to take a look at his seminars."

Institute for LifeLong Learning

Thierry RietschProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Thierry Rietsch

Program Designer & Guest-Host at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

"I had the great pleasure of working with Dr Hermann Rock, who delivered an outstanding negotiation module as part of a corporate learning programme in leadership at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). This module, which was tailored to the needs of a world-leading Swiss industrial company, received excellent feedback. Dr Rock was able to combine theory and practice in such a way that the learning material was not only interesting and understandable, but also particularly practical thanks to the active involvement of the participants. I particularly liked the fact that the driver seat concept taught can be implemented immediately in everyday life, e.g. in management or project situations."

Feedback from a major German automotive manufacturerProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Feedback from a major German automotive manufacturer

Participant of one of the negotiation trainings

"A very engaging and practical negotiation training, with many real-life examples. It's immediately noticeable that Dr. Rock possesses extensive experience with M&A negotiations. The workshop offers a successful mix of theory and practice, allowing participants to apply what they've learned in a simulated negotiation during the training itself. Overall, it's a great enrichment for the entire team, from beginners to experts."

Dr. Christoph MundProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Dr. Christoph Mund

Managing Director, Change & Innovation Management

"Dr. Hermann Rock is a lecturer in our Change & Innovation Management program, which is conducted annually by the University of St. Gallen in cooperation with Dr. Wladimir Klitschko. As part of the program, Hermann teaches the topic of negotiation. Each year anew, our executives are thrilled by Dr. Hermann Rock's wealth of experience, practical advice, and scientific insights. The combination of best practices and application-oriented case studies creates lasting added value for our participants in the transfer. We can unequivocally recommend Hermann as a speaker and are open to provide any further information on our experience with him and his services."

CA Prof. Dr. H.Profilbild Neutral & Anonym

CA Prof. Dr. H.

Chief Physician

"As a chief physician, I was very happy with my profession but rather unhappy with my former salary. Dr. Hermann Rock led the negotiations with the managing director with immense kindness, perfect methodology, and absolute precision. Initially, the opposing party showed little interest in my propositions, yet, with a strategic shift, Dr. Rock managed to engage their attention, dramatically increase their motivation, and secure my desired new salary. Fascinatingly, he consistently anticipated the opposing side's responses with remarkable accuracy and events transpired exactly as he predicted. My gratitude towards him is boundless, as I now not only find fulfillment in my career but also in my earnings again."

Participants of an MBA course at the University of St. GallenProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Participants of an MBA course at the University of St. Gallen

Collective vote on the Driver-Seat-Concept

"overall method, easy to memorize & useful for preparation."

Stefan InderbitzinProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Stefan Inderbitzin

Participant in the CAS Change & Innovation Management program at the University of St. Gallen.

"Hermann Rock offers the best negotiation training I have attended so far. I was impressed by how, thanks to his practical experience and methodology, he elevated the participants to a different level in just a single day."

AnonymousProfilbild Neutral & Anonym


Participant in a special training course at the University of St. Gallen

"First and foremost, it was important that Hermann supported us professionally in dealing with the topic and showing us that it is possible to proceed in a target-oriented and coordinated manner. Practical application; real case examples."

AnonymousProfilbild Neutral & Anonym


Participant in a special training course at the University of St. Gallen

"It was great how Hermann took our specific situation into consideration and gave us useful examples tailored especially to us. Even though our situation is fairly different from his day to day business, a lot of the tools he showed us will be very valuable to us in the future. Thank you Hermann!"

AnonymousProfilbild Neutral & Anonym


Internationally operating coach and trainer specialized in negotiation skills

"Hermann Rock is an absolute top professional in the field of negotiation, with extensive front-line negotiation experience backed by compelling stories. He imparts an absolutely systematic process from the beginning to the successful conclusion of negotiations."

AnonymousProfilbild Neutral & Anonym


Participant in a special training course at the University of St. Gallen

"Commitment and practical relevance, as well as competence and expertise, were outstanding."

Dr. Ernst-Albrecht von Beauvais, LL.M. (Berkeley), LawyerProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Dr. Ernst-Albrecht von Beauvais, LL.M. (Berkeley), Lawyer

Partner Taylor Wessing Partnership mbB, Düsseldorf

"The Driver-Seat concept has been long-awaited by negotiation leaders. Hermann Rock adeptly delves into typical negotiation scenarios with theoretical depth, providing readers with convincing and practical solutions, accompanied by numerous compelling examples from his extensive M&A practice. His presentation of the «Driver-Seat Concept» assures successful negotiation management. Both the book and the concept have left a profoundly positive impression on me."

AnonymousProfilbild Neutral & Anonym


Participant in a special training course at the University of St. Gallen

"Extremely interesting content, excellent case exercise."

Lawyer Martin GernerProfilbild Neutral & Anonym

Lawyer Martin Gerner

Partner Taylor Wessing Partnership Company mbB, Düsseldorf

"Negotiation training with depth and tangible added value for the day-to-day practice of lawyers aiming to apply best practices for their most demanding clients! Hermann not only explains the theory behind what matters in negotiations within a business environment, but as 'one of us, also shares his extensive personal experience with us. As a fellow practitioner himself, he knows precisely what is of importance for us lawyers."

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